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Call for Sponsorships

AppSec New Zealand Conference 2021

The 2021 AppSec New Zealand Conference will be held in Auckland on Friday and Saturday, 12-13 February, 2021, and is a security conference entirely dedicated to application security. The conference is once again being hosted by the University of Auckland with their support and assistance. The AppSec New Zealand Conference is a very low-cost event, and requires sponsor support to help be an instructive and quality event for the New Zealand community. AppSec New Zealand is strictly not for profit. The sponsorship money will be used to help make the AppSec New Zealand Conference a compelling and valuable experience for all attendees.

Sponsorship funds collected are used for things such as:

With the addition of a second conference day and its two associated tea breaks, along with year-on-year increases to service fees and catering charges, the overall budget for this year’s conference is approximately 35% larger than for last year’s OWASP New Zealand Day event. The rates for our Premier Sponsorship packages have increased accordingly, to help us meet this ambitious funding target.


Last year, the conference’s predecessor (OWASP New Zealand Day) was supported by 13 premier sponsors and attracted more than 800 attendees. Plenty of constructive (and positive!) feedback from the audience was received, and we are using this to make the conference more appealing to more people. For more information on the last New Zealand Day event, please visit the conference website.

The activities of AppSec New Zealand, including this conference, are organised to align with and support the educational objectives of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Foundation and its local chapter, OWASP New Zealand (owasp.org.nz). The OWASP New Zealand community is strong, with more than 500 people currently subscribed to the mailing list (sign up).

AppSec conferences’ regular attendees include IT project managers, IT security managers, IT security consultants, Web application architects and developers, QA managers, QA testers and system administrators.

Throughout its 12 years of operation, the OWASP New Zealand Day conference attracted more than 90% of its attendees and presenters from within New Zealand. Given the likelihood border restrictions will continue in place next February, we anticipate few or no attendees or presenters from outside New Zealand this year. Nonetheless, we anticipate pre-registrations for the conference will once again sell out (at 1,100 tickets), and on-the-day attendance will be between 700 and 800.

About AppSec New Zealand

This year, the conference is organised and conducted by AppSec New Zealand, a NZ-based Incorporated Society (Registration #50041020). The primary purposes of AppSec New Zealand are to:

How to Become a Sponsor

To express interest in supporting the conference as a sponsor, please contact us by email.

Premium Sponsorship Packages

All amounts listed are in New Zealand dollars (NZD), and are exclusive of GST.

  Platinum Gold Silver Bronze A La Carte
Enrolment Limit 2
General Rate $7,000 $5,000 $3,500 $2,250 Varies
A La Carte Sponsorship Discount 15% 10% 5%
Banner in Conference Lobby (see notes) Yes No No No No
Banner at Side of Stage (see notes) Yes (2) Yes (1) No No No
Banner at Pre-Conference Reception (see notes) Yes Yes Yes No No
Sponsor Demo Room Use 90 minutes 45 minutes No No No
Company Description on Conference Web Page 300 words 200 words 150 words 100 words Varies
Pre-Conference Reception Tickets 8 6 4 2 Varies
Reserved Conference Passes (see notes) 20 15 10 5 Varies
Training Passes (see notes) 8 6 4 2 No
Logo on Attendee Badges Yes Yes No No Varies
Logo on Conference T-Shirts Yes Yes No No Varies
Logo on Room Signs Yes Yes Yes No Varies
Logo on Conference Tote Bags Yes Yes Yes No Varies
Logo on Conference Website Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mention in Pre-Conference Publicity Yes Yes Yes Yes Varies
Recognition during Opening/Closing Sessions Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Promotional Items in Conference Tote Bags (see notes) Yes (up to 3) Yes (up to 2) Yes (1) Yes (1) Varies

Exhibition Space

In 2020, the OWASP New Zealand Day team introduced the Sponsor Exhibition Area, with booth space provided as part of each sponsorship package. Some sponsors, however, didn’t wish to make use of the space provided. For this year’s conference, we’ve made the exhibition space an optional add-on, so sponsors can decide whether to have a booth.

  Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Booth Size 6m x 3m 3m x 3m 2m x 2.5m 2m x 2.5m
Seating 3 tables
6 chairs
2 tables
4 chairs
1 table
2 chairs
1 table
2 chairs
Rate $400 $300 $200 $200

Each booth space will be provided one power strip, and all tables will be fully draped. Booths will be configured by the venue team on Thursday morning, and will be available for sponsor staff to set up after noon on Thursday. If desired, sponsors are welcome to staff their booths on Thursday afternoon, through the close of pre-conference training (5:30 p.m.).

Optional Video Displays:

65” TVs: The venue’s A/V support team can provide 65” HDMI-compatible displays on rolling stands, for use in sponsor exhibition booths. The cost is $395 each, which includes use of the display during the main conference (Friday and Saturday), delivery/pick-up, and on-site setup. Platinum and Gold Sponsor booths can accommodate two (2) displays, while Silver/Bronze Sponsor booths can accommodate one (1).

Projector and Screen (No longer available): There is a permanently installed projector and screen, located in one corner of the Sponsor Exhibition Area. The option is available (on a first-in, first-served basis) for one Gold Sponsor to reserve that corner booth and use the projector and screen during the main conference (Friday and Saturday). The cost for this option is $450.

COVID-19 Contingencies

Our planning team is operating with the confident outlook that Auckland (and, hopefully, all of New Zealand) will be at Alert Level 1 in February 2021. Despite that confidence, we are making plans to keep things moving if we’re wrong.

In the event Auckland is at COVID Alert Level 2 or higher at the time of the conference, it is our plan to convert the event to a fully online presentation, via live streaming. We also intend to follow the example of other recent conferences, and deliver attendee packs (t-shirts, tote bags, promotional materials, etc.) to them via post - to that end, a portion of the catering budget will be redirected to packing and shipping those items.

Given a change in Alert Level can occur with little notice, and owing to the cancellation policies applying to many conference expenses, we anticipate some funds will be ‘sunk’ in fees for services we’re unable to use - possibly including A/V and other charges related to Sponsor Exhibition booths. If we are forced to cancel the in-person event, we’ll refund any portion of the Exhibition booth fee and optional A/V charges (see above) we’re able to recover, up to 100%.

A La Carte Sponsorship Opportunities

1. Tea Breaks - Conference Days (Friday/Saturday)

On Friday, we will have an afternoon tea break, and on Saturday, there will be morning and afternoon tea breaks. This a la carte sponsorship will fully fund one tea break.

Sponsorships Available: Three (3)

General Rate: $7,000


2. Pre-Conference Reception

On Thursday evening, the AppSec New Zealand Conference Committee will host a reception for speakers, trainers, conference volunteers, and Premier Sponsors. The event will be held at an establishment near the conference venue.

Sponsorships Available: One (1)

General Rate: $4,000


3. T-Shirts for Participants

We will be making branded t-shirts available to all event participants, including attendees, speakers, sponsor staff, trainers, and volunteers. For general participants, t-shirts can be purchased a discounted price of $8.00 each (approx. 50% of full cost); speakers, trainers, volunteers, and sponsor pass holders will receive their shirts a no charge.

Sponsorships Available: One (1)

General Rate: $6,000


4. Conference Tote Bags for Attendees

Sponsorships Available: One (1)

General Rate: $4,000


5. Speaker Gifts

Sponsorships Available: One (1)

General Rate: $1,250


6. Tea Breaks - Training Days (Wednesday/Thursday)

Sponsorships Available: Two (2) (No longer available)

General Rate: $2,500


7. Diversity Fund Support

The AppSec New Zealand Conference Diversity and Financial Aid Fund has been established to provide financial assistance to students at New Zealand universities, as well as those in the field who are currently unwaged. Each Diversity Fund sponsorship is intended to cover travel expenses for one New Zealand attendee, from outside the Auckland area, who will be attending or presenting at the conference. Each Diversity Fund support recipient will receive funding for return airfare from their nearest domestic airport to Auckland International Airport, three nights’ accommodation in a lodging near the conference venue, return transportation between their residence and their departure airport, and return transportation between the airport and the accommodation.

Sponsorships Available: No Limit

General Rate: $800 or more


8. Door Prizes

At the closing session of the conference, the AppSec New Zealand Conference Committee will conduct a series of random drawings, awarding donated items to attendees, who must be present to win. There is no minimum or maximum value required for donated items, nor is the number of items provided subject to any limit. It is recommended that items provided be of interest to the conference’s target audience, rather than of a generic nature.

Sponsorships Available: No Limit

General Rate: In-Kind Donation


9. Other Supporting Sponsorships

If your company would like to provide special items to attendees, funding for paid promotional advertising for the event, or other items that we haven’t yet thought of, you are welcome to contact us to discuss your ideas.

Sponsorships Available: No Limit

General Rate: In-Kind Donation



Training Passes:

Our pre-conference training is planned to include a mix of half-day, one-day, and two-day classes. Each Premier Sponsor package includes a number of “Training Passes,” each valid for one half-day of training for one person.

Reserved Conference Passes:

Since attendance will be limited at the conference, a portion of the available registrations will be held back for direct issue to sponsor staff or sponsored attendees. Each sponsorship package specifies the number of reserved passes included.

To claim these passes, sponsors must provide the names and email addresses of those to whom they should be issued, no later than two weeks before the event (Thursday, 28 January). After this date, unclaimed passes will be returned to the general registration pool.

Sponsor Logos:

Sponsor Banners:

Promotional Items:

All amounts listed are in New Zealand dollars (NZD), and are exclusive of GST.