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COVID Contingency Plan

OWASP New Zealand Day 2022

IMPORTANT NOTE: This plan is subject to change, in response to decisions by the NZ Government that alter the COVID Protection Framework (traffic light protocol), as well as any updates to the university’s event policies.

Our Approach

The OWASP New Zealand Day planning team recognise the importance of holding an in-person event, if possible. For this reason, we elected to go forward with planning on the assumption Auckland would be in COVID Alert Level 1 in February. We invited trainers to propose in-person or online training, as suits their circumstances and comfort level with in-person gatherings.

Since then, the New Zealand Government transitioned the country from the previous COVID Alert Levels to the current COVID Protection Framework (“traffic lights”). As of 17 January, Auckland remained at traffic light ‘Orange,’ and the first community case of the Omicron variant had been reported. In light of these circumstances, and acknowledging the generally poor response in training and conference registrations, the planning team made the ‘No-Go’ decision for our planned February dates, and we rescheduled the event to our alternate dates - Tuesday through Friday, 5-8 July 2022.

The conference will take place on the new dates, but the format of the event may be impacted by changes to the COVID Protection Framework’s rules and/or traffic light setting.

A key element of our plan is that all portions of the conference will be broadcast via live stream from a dedicated media site, so anyone concerned about taking part in person has the option to participate remotely, regardless of the traffic light setting. Similarly, we’re able to support a limited number of remote presentations, so we can accommodate speakers with similar concerns.

Disposable face masks and hand sanitiser will be made available throughout the conference, to help everyone stay safe.

Key Milestones

Decision Stage One - Planned Dates

Decision Stage Two - Contingency Dates

In the event the conference has been rescheduled to the contingency dates, the following strategy applies to the event on those dates. This strategy remains subject to change, if the New Zealand Government issues changes to event requirements under the COVID Protection Framework.

On 7 June, four (4) weeks before the beginning of the conference on its contingency dates, the conference team will review the traffic light setting in Auckland, as well as conference and training in-person registration numbers, and proceed as follows:

Decision Stage Three - During the Event

If the conference is underway, and the government announces a change in COVID Protection Framework setting and/or rules for Auckland during the event: