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Call for Volunteers

AppSec New Zealand Conference 2021

We’re always looking for a few good women and men, to assist with conference preparations and to help things go smoothly during the event.

Please fill out our Volunteer Information Form, if you’d like to help out.

For more information, feel free to contact us.

Conference Committee

  • John DiLeo - Conference Chair, OWASP New Zealand Chapter Leader (Auckland)
  • Prof. Lech Janczewski - Conference Host Liaison, on-site Health & Safety contact - Associate Professor, University of Auckland School of Business
  • Kirk Jackson - Diversity Fund Committee Chair, Video post-production, OWASP New Zealand Chapter Leader (Wellington)
  • Will Howard - Sponsor Relations Team Lead
  • Anneke Smitheram - Volunteer Coordinator
  • Ramandeep Kaur - Pre-Conference Reception Host
  • Paul Howarth - Registration Manager
  • Nick LeMouton
  • Jatinder Oberoi
  • Ben Seymour